A sit down or (more LIKE A RUN AND TRY TO KEEP UP) with Mercia, owner of Kana Collection LTD.

Q: Tell us a bit about KANA? And about you?

A: We hand create a fantastic range of SOY CANDLES, poured by hand, planned with imagination, perfectly scented with mixed and matched inspiration. We also create an incredible line of diffusers too.

A: I instantly fell in love with the Matakana Area, it lends itself to a touch of dreamy country and coastal simplicity. It slows me down a bit too, in a good way.

Q: Soy candles seems to be “En-Vogue” what is the KANA point of difference?

A: We try not to follow the “in fashion” concept, I usually just go with what my instinct tells me, I also take a lot of my inspiration from my clients, how they react to certain fragrances. I also incorporate a lot of my own sensory memories.

The KANA point of difference, It is all in the planning of the entire package that encompasses the KANA brand, the wax, container, fragrance as a candle should be as beautiful as its scent.

Q: Tell us about the different ranges? How did you come about the names?

A: Currently KANA has five ranges, each range has four to five fragrance options within the range. They are meant to simplify the selection process.

Blooming bright. Deliciously Light. Indulgence and Glow. Handsome and Dark. Daised and diffused.

I wanted to play with the wording a bit. Be a touch more descriptive on the ranges, remembering that it is important to read the fragrance notes when you are not able to smell the candle in person.

Q: What is your favourite scent or recommendation.

A: I am obsessed with the natural fresh lingering fragrances at the moment. Tamahunga, and Ma Wai is at the top of my list. I do still recommend selecting a candle for the area, and the right notes will jump out for you.

Q: We see KANA Candles at the market quite a bit, why the markets?

A: The personal interaction is the drawing point, meeting new people, getting core and instant feedback. My favourite is still to watch each client when they open a candle, in this case it is almost always the vanilla caramel treat, and there is a moment when their eyes close and they completely take in the range of fragrance notes, closely followed by “OH MY GOODNESS!” It makes my day every time.

I also work with my daughter at the market, she is brilliant and has become quite well known, careful though, as she very good at selling, and she loves the candles as much as I love making them. I think it is a double benefit, mixing the fun part of work with family time.

Q: How and where do we get some of your beautiful candles?

A: Simple, order online, order via e-mail, call, visit one of our stockists or meet us in person at the Market.



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