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We love our candles as much as you do, so we have compiled a few handy and LIGHT instructions, hints, information and more.

The benefits of Soy candles are endless, it is the most incredible medium to create unforgettable scents with.

Our Fragrances

At KANA we only use purified fragrance oils that is guaranteed to be 100% phthalate free. Tested specifically for use in soy candles. We love to experiment with a range of scents and there will always be something new in the melting pot.

Soy Facts

  • Soy Wax, is a vegetable based wax made from the oil of soybeans.
  • It is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly as it releases no known carcinogens into the air, as well as being 100% biodegradable.
  • It has a low melting point, so does not require a large flame to melt.
  • The burn times from soy wax candles are much longer, and therefore higher value.

Burning in your candle

The term is literally what it says. Following the correct burning times below will help prevent wax tunnelling (when sides of the candle jar is lined with thick wax, and the flame appears to burn down into a tunnel) It will also set the president for burning span, ensuring that you will get the “up to” time and fragrance out of your KANA Candle, and add to your value spent.

For the Burning in, based on the size of your candle, it would need to be lit for a minimum of

  • 35 – 40 mins for the Medium size
  • 45 mins for the Large size
  • 1 hour for Extra large size

The wax must melt right out to the rounding of your jar on the FIRST USE, and at least 50mm to 1cm deep of melted wax.

We recommend burning your candle from then on for 1-3 hours at a time, never longer. See wick section.

Tip Tops Hints

  • If the candle is left open the waxy surface will attract dust, remember to always close your candle with the lid to ensure safe keeping and dust free, to protect that gorgeous scent.
  • Do not use the lid to smother the candle, rather blow it out, then place the lid on.
  • Use only on a stable flat surface, away from little hands, where the candle is within your view.
  • Please read and know the warning label on the bottom of the jar. Pesky we know, but very important.
  • Don’t leave the candle burning, and leave the house.
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight. Soy wax can discolour, and can melt in sunlight too.
  • As our candles are made in glass jars, take the necessary precautions as with any glass product.


We make use of 100% cotton wicks, they are flat braided made from textile-grade cotton, and best to work in our natural wax candles. This said, wicks can be a tricky subject, as they are the life of the candle so to speak, if it breaks, your candle will have to be adjusted to accommodate the shorter wick.

Soy candles have a very low melting point, so it needs a small flame to melt the candle wax.

Wick do’s

  • Don’t trim the wick before the first burn in.
  • If there is a hint of black smoke, quickly blow it out, trim a bit, and light it again. Black smoke can form when the wick is too long.
  • If after using the candle, a ball or mushroom formed at the top of the wick, carefully cut the end off with appropriate scissors or wick trimmer.
  • Try not to touch the wick, as they are fragile and can break.

If you have any questions, please mail us on for any information regarding the use of your KANA Candle.

Daised and Diffused

Our hand poured diffusers are just perfect to enrich any area of the house, the “fragrance without the flame” we say. The natural reed sticks draw the fragrance oil up through small capillaries, allowing the fragrance to dispense into the air. We include 10 reeds to ensure that the fragrance throw is strong and can reach large areas in your home. If you require a softer scent, you simply remove 1 or 2 sticks at a time.

We reverse the reeds regularly to recharge and ensure the consistency of the fragrance.

Caring for your diffuser is important take note and care of the following, and yours should last up to six months.

  • Do not place in direct sunlight ie on a bathroom window still.
  • Try to clean off the top of the jar, as well as gently wipe down the reeds before turning to limit dust settling into the diffuser.
  • Once opened, soak the reeds for up to 4 hours and then turn for the first time.
  • Be diligent and place away from plug points and keep safely away from children.
  • If some of the contents are spilled, clean up immediately with a paper towl.
  • Obviously do not expose to flames, or try and light the sticks.

If you have any questions, please mail us on for any information regarding the use of your KANA diffuser.

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